New Music Released

New album released in 2020

better now album

Welcome to Graeme’s music page. We’re pretty excited to announce the 2020 release of his new album, Better Now. Available to purchase from our store as both in digital download format and a special limited edition CD. 20% of proceeds from the limited edition CD go to research for three kids who have childhood rare and incurable diseases (more on that later). Also available via your favourite streaming platforms, Apple Music, Spotify etc.

We’re happy for your to stream but we’d be happier if you buy from our store 🙂 Besides supporting our kids, you will be supporting the ongoing work of Heartland Ministries (more on that later as well).

Thanks for visiting and enjoy the music!

Graeme Hush Music is 100% connected to Heartland Ministries Inc.  with all costs associated with GH Music funded by HM and all proceeds going to HM’s ongoing work.

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