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HOME Anthology 2007 - Disc 1 (Digital Download)

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Disc 1 of Graeme’s 25th Anniversary compilation digital album. Double album together containing 35 of his original songs features favorites from previous albums and 3 live recordings from 2007.

01 Come Lord Jesus (recorded 2006)
02 Unconditional Love
03 We're Ready
04 Weary Heart
05 Community
06 All I Need
07 Lessons of Simplicity
08 Rhythm of My Life
09 My Home Town (2004)
10 O Lord Our Creator
11 Jesus My Lord Jesus
12 Send Me
13 Your Love
14 Terra Australis
15 Hope for the Children
16 Psychoanalytic Blues
17 Today is the Day

CCC Annual Fundraiser 2020:

Between 13 Aug and midnight 13 Sep 2022 50% of this sale will go towards raising awareness and funds for research into rare childhood diseases through Corrimal Community Church's H.O.P.E. for Kids project. CCC has a relationship with three children, Chloe, Beau and Michael who fight three such diseases, and we support them and their families through its H.O.P.E. for Kids project.

After 13 Sept 2022 20% of sales will go towards this cause - permanently.

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